Case Study: URF, Tammy Glaum

Tammy Glaum is a 51 year old from United Roll Forming a steel rolling manufacturer. Tammy runs payroll, answers phones, and does all the billing for the company. She needs access to the computer, and phone at all times along with the ability to write notes, and meet with employees or clients.

Tammy normally works out nightly 30-40 minutes on an elliptical machine or recumbent bike. In the recent months, Tammy was struggling to find the time to fit her workout into the day. In addition to missing her workout, she then continues to sit for 8 hours at her desk which compounded the issue.

"On the days that I can't find the time to workout, I felt down and stuck. I needed a different option."

With a small office that definitely did not have the room for a stand up Signature 9000 Treadmill Desk, we looked to the Sit2Stand Treadmill Desk or the Executive Treadmill Desk. Tammy often has employees and clients coming into her office for meetings. Tammy needed a presentable desk that would give her office a modern, yet classic feel.

We worked with Tammy to pick out the best color match, and Tammy decided to go with the Executive 2.0 Treadmill Desk so that the front panel and legs would have the same beautiful laminate style as the top. Also, when the desk sits in the down position, nobody will know that there is a treadmill next to her chair.

Tammy decided on the Signature WS300 treadmill because she needed a quiet treadmill that can't be heard over the phone or throughout the office, and something fairly compact to fit in her office.

After 12 months of using the Signature Executive 2.0 Treadmill Desk, Tammy said, "The executive desk has changed the way I work, and has really changed my life. The treadmill desk allows me to get some physical activity in on those days when intense exercise is not an option."

Case Study: University of Notre Dame

In a 12 month trial of the Executive 2.0 Treadmill Desk, two women lost 30 lbs. each.

Wendy W. and Shannon M. take reservations at the Morris Inn located on the University of Notre Dame Campus. They each decided that a Treadmill Desk would be a great way to take advantage of their desk time which consists of more than 8 hours a day on the phone and computer.

Wendy and Shannon shared a Signature Treadmill Desk for 12 months. They each walked for 4 hours a day, and they now say "We can't live without it".

Each of the women lost 30 lbs while walking for 4 hours a day. They explained that the change in their style of work transfered into other aspects of their lives as well. They changed eating habits along with using their Signature Treadmill Desk which contributes the weight loss and the overall health.

The Signature Treadmill Desk has once again not only changed their working style, but changed their entire lifestyle.

"It's an amazing feeling and it's done with little effort."
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