We can Design, Customize, and Build your Custom Desk Solutions.

Do you have a need for a custom size or style of treadmill desk that doesn't exist? We can make it happen. We can custom design your idea in 3D and gain your approval before building anything.

We have built custom Treadmill Desks, and custom Height Adjustable Desk without the treadmill.

Here at Signature we have even built desks with multiple treadmills to accomadate multiple users at the same time. You may have a meeting room that you would like to transform into a treadmill desk space where employees can continue to conversate while they walk, and have access to there work.

John Randall: Custom Office

When John Randall needed a complete Treadmill Desk solution that would accomadate a 96" desk space, upper cabinet, and lower file cabinet, Signature custom built everything to Mr. Randall's specs. Mr. Randall wanted to build a custom desk for his massive home based office located in the basement. He wanted enough desk space for all of his documents, and computers. He also need file storage and a place for books to be easily accessed throughout the day.

After speaking with a Signature Design Consultant, our 3D modelers built 3D models to show Mr. Randall exactly what we would he would be getting. We then modified the sizes and color until it was perfect for Mr. Randall's custom home based office.

Next, we handcrafted Mr. Randall's desk to the exact specs of the 3D drawing.

Meanwhile, he also wanted a nice quiet treadmill with enough power to run on. The S300 treadmill was a perfect fit, and had all the bells and whistles John desired.

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