Handball Betting Tips

Due to the fact that betting on handball is still an infrequent phenomenon, you can find a lot of tips on the net - useful information for those who want to try their hand at predicting this sport. Let’s highlight some useful tips you need to follow before betting at https://100betz.com/handball/ to increase your chances to win.

3 Tips for Handball Bettors

Check effective tips below:

  • For handball, the team’s playing style plays an important role. According to the coach’s instructions, depending on the score and composition, teams can be reorganized during a break, changing the pace of the game and tactical schemes. This affects the total match.
  • Of great importance is the pre-match analysis, including the study of team statistics.
  • There is an opinion that handball refers to predictable sports, outsiders are less likely to achieve victory in the game against a stronger team than in other disciplines. It is argued that it is easier to predict the likely total in a duel of approximately equal teams in opposition to the favorite outsider it is more difficult to do this.

The Most Popular Handball Betting System

Handball 21 Strategy is a well-known strategy from the authors of the project “I want a forecast”. This is one of their first creations, the development of which was spent about 21 months - hence the name. According to the authors, the system is based on patterns and trends, noticed as a result of almost two years of experimentation and testing. The basic rule is that you must trust the bookmaker quotes set before the match.

The main principles of the strategy:

  • The choice of championships for the game. Matches of leading European teams (Germany, Spain, Russia and others) are recommended, as well as major international tournaments - cups, national team games.
  • The experts advise you to watch the broadcast of the meeting, which allows you to correctly assess the motivation, style of play and correctly capture the trends in the further development of events.
  • When analyzing the style of the game, pay attention to how the teams play in defense. There are three options: 6: 0, 5: 1, 4: 2. In the latter case, the game is viscous, with many fouls and numerous stops, which negatively affects the performance. Therefore, we discard such meetings.

The essential point is the game of goalkeepers. In handball, this is an important figure, often seriously affecting the result. In terms of strategy, it matters how quickly goalkeepers put the ball into play, for example, after a goal. Familiarity with this technique is useful for developing your strategy.

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