What Is the Martingale Betting Strategy?

One of the main strategies in the game with bets, giving equal chances, is the Martingale strategy. This technique appeared during the game at roulette, where after losing a double bet amount gives a chance not only to return the lost money in case of a victory but also to make a profit. In other words, the player tries to catch up with a successful outcome. Learn more about it to use it when betting at bestsportsbetz.com.

The Essence of the Martingale Strategy

By making the same choice, the player ultimately expects the bet to play. In addition, after each loss, the amount of bets is doubled. By doing so, the player expects to receive in case of winning not only his money back, but also to be in the black. Bookmakers look at the players using this strategy calm. A priori, the strategy does not bear major financial risks for the market operator. Evaluating the strategy from the point of view of mathematics, it is obvious that it only allows you to redistribute the player's profit. As a result of trying to catch up, the player can win often, but not enough. In terms of loss, such results occur less frequently, but there are significant losses.

To understand the principle of action, it is enough to consider an example at roulette:

The player's first bet is $ 100 for “red”, the result is a loss. The second bet the player makes is already $ 200, i.e. 100 x 2, again on the "red". The result is a loss again. The third rate is already a large amount, 200 x 2 = $ 400. The result is a bet played. The player expects a profit of $ 400, thereby compensating for his previous failures in the amount of $ 300. Real profit was only $ 100, which is equal to the sum of the first rate.

Does the Martingale Strategy Give You a Chance to Win?

Theoretically, this strategy looks win-win. Having a little money and a sufficient amount of time, a player can quite reasonably expect to win at last and be in profit. From a practical point of view, the reviwed strategy is fraught with great risks and can in no way be considered a win-win. The reason is that with frequent losses in a row, the amount increases several times and the player can no longer stop betting and hoping to return the money spent once again.

For example, starting with a harmless $ 100, after five consecutive lost bets, double the amount of the bet, which will allow you to play, return the lost money and be in the black, will already be $ 6,400. If a player has sufficiently large funds, the game can continue for quite a long time. In practice, there have been cases when, until the moment when the bet finally played, the player was expected to have 17 losses in a row. If the money ran out, the opportunity to catch up is exhausted. The ability to return the lost money is missing.

You can use the Martingale technique when betting on sports. It works on the same principle. The difference is that the player is constantly trying to catch up with the desired outcome of a sporting event, taking into account a different coefficient. Accordingly, taking into account the coefficient is calculated and the amount of the new rate.

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